What happens after a big sale!

What happens after a big sale!

Now that the holiday hustle has slowed down, it is the perfect chance to spill the beans on how I handle the joyful chaos of organizing a flood of orders during a sale – whether it's a virtual bonanza or a live extravaganza! 


🧺 I start by summoning the little organizer in me and create a little bin for each order. Into these containers go all the treasures – the jewelry, the chains, and cords. It's a symphony of organization.


 📝  I print out invoices for each order. But I don't stop there. I add a special personal touch – a handwritten ‘thank you’ – because genuine gratitude deserves a handwritten spotlight, right? Then I tuck these with the items in their respective items in the bins so everything stays organized.


🎁 Now comes the packaging fun! I add the chains or cords to the pendants and put them in cotton-filled jewelry boxes. I wrap chainmail in tissue paper and pop into a beautiful organza bag. That way, everything is ready for gift giving!


💌 Then I figure out what size mailing envelope (I have 3 sizes) to use for each order and slip everything into their designated envelopes, ready for their journey to their new homes. 🏠 


📏 Ah, but before that journey can start, I do some weighing and measuring to make sure it has enough postage to get to its final destination. With a click and a print, I generate and then attach the mailing labels. A seal here, a sticker there, and ta-da! Each package is a little gift of its own, wrapped with love and topped with a shiny ‘thank you’ sticker – a little reminder that behind every order is a heart full of gratitude! 💖


So there you have it – my well-orchestrated symphony of packing, where chaos meets organization and every order gets its own sprinkling of magic. Cheers to the organized chaos of packing and spreading joy, one package at a time! 🎁✨


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